Fee Information


Linville Counseling Services therapy session fees are based on 50 minutes with your mental health therapist. Your session fee covers the therapist’s time regardless of whether it is an individual, couple or family session.

Our standard fee is $110.00 per therapy session. We do not file insurance claims because we are a small therapy office and do not have an insurance billing department.

We can provide you with a receipt that has a diagnosis code and CPT code that you can file with your insurance company. You will need to check with your company to see if they will reimburse you and/ or let it count toward your overall deductible.

Alternately, we offer a Sliding Fee Scale based on household income and number of people in your household.  The sliding fee has 3 rungs of discounts ($80 per session; $60 per session and $35 per session) below our standard $110.00 fee. You can check out if you qualify for a discount here:

You will need to submit proof of income to access the sliding fee scale.

You must choose one of our options. For example, you may not pay a discounted fee and then turn that fee into your insurance company.  If you are going to use insurance benefits, you will be charged the standard fee of $110.00 per session.

You may choose to access our sliding fee scale even if you have insurance. But, you will not receive a diagnosis code and CPT code to submit to insurance because you have chosen to take the private pay discount offered through our Sliding Fee Scale.