Premarital Counseling Package (Private)

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Private Premarital Counseling Package $190.00

  • Prepare-Enrich computerized assessment of your relationship’s strength and growth areas.

  • 4 private couples therapy sessions with a Prepare-Enrich trained therapist.

  • 2 Prepare-Enrich Workbooks full of exercises you can do to feed, grow and build your relationship.

  • Call 765-639-6192 to register.

  • This package of 4 therapy sessions is priced at the lowest end of our Sliding Fee Scale ($35 per session with your own counselor) . You do not have to show proof of income to receive this excellent rate. Any sessions you would like to book after the packaged sessions will be priced at the rate that you qualify for as a couple.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to build a firm foundation for your marriage.

Prepare-Enrich is a trusted premarital therapy and Marriage enrichment program. Read more about it by clicking on the link below.