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April Linville, LCSW

I am a mental health therapist with a Christian worldview. I am passionate about helping people find emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness after experiencing life’s hurts.

Online counseling treating clients with trauma; anxiety; panic attacks; depression; life transitions; and / or grief.  Clients can choose traditional counseling or include their Christian faith in counseling.

Trauma Counseling

Examples of traumatic experiences include: childhood physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse; car wreck; assault; difficult medical procedures.

Anxiety/ Panic Attack Counseling

Anxiety can take many forms including generalized anxiety about all parts of life; social anxiety; specific phobias and panic attacks. I can help you address the underlying causes of the symptoms and develop a self-care plan to break free of the limits anxiety puts on your life.

Depression/ Grief Counseling

Depression is more than just being deeply sad. Depression is a chemical imbalance that can cause symptoms like changes in appetite and sleep; difficulty caring about or concentrating on anything; the effort of routine activities feels like you are walking through molasses. Depression has been said to be the “common cold of mental health”. Depression is very treatable so don’t delay entering therapy. Grief is often about losing someone you had a tight bond with, but grief can also be about changes in life that you didn’t want (job loss, relationship loss, chronic illness).