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Stress Relief: How to Use Your 5 Senses to Calm Stress

Many stress relief exercises exist. Today we will focus on a Mindfulness skill called Grounding through Your Senses. Grounding Exercise

Step 1

Use sight for stress relief

Take 2 deep, full breaths in and out. Now use your sense of sight to find and name 5 objects you can see. Look at the color and shape of each one.

Step 2

Use sense of touch for stress relief

Tune in to your sense of touch. Name 4 things you can feel such as the air temperature, the texture of the surface under your feet, the feel of furniture (inside) or the feel of plants and trees (outside). Name 4 things you experience through touch here and now.

Step 3

Hearing for stress relief

Focus your attention on 3 sounds you can hear. Can you hear the traffic or voices? Can you hear wind or music? Name 3 sounds.

Step 4

Use the sense of smell for stress relief

Use your sense of smell to get grounded in the present moment. Do you smell food or a candle? Maybe you can smell your laundry detergent on your clothes or the scent of flowers and trees. Name 2 scents you smell.

Step 5

Engage your sense of taste to calm stress

Engage your sense of taste by chewing a piece of gum or putting a mint or lemon drop in your mouth. Describe the texture and taste of the item. Name 1 taste you are experiencing.


Engaging your 5 senses brings stress relief by connecting you to your body. Many times when you need stress relief it is because you are lost in negative thoughts and fears about your past or your future. I just love to teach this skill because wherever you go, you have your 5 senses with you and can soothe your stress.

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Below is a short video of me walking you through the grounding exercise in this article.

Stress relief. 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise

I hope this exercise helps! April